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    Authentic Korean Dishes
    K-Town BBQ
    Welcome to K-Town BBQ. We serve authentic Korean cuisine with All You Can Eat or A La Carte options
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    Bibimbap, Brisket, and Banchan
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    Newark, California
    Our Restaurant
    Visit our restaurant and have the full dining experience, complete with fragrant aromas and delectable flavors!

Our Mission.Redefine Quality Korean BBQ.

From our renowned LA Ribs to our quality banchan, you can expect precision in every dish due to our wide range of flavor combinations.

Why choose Us?

Why Choose Us.Creative and Heartfelt.

We put effort into every single meal, meeting every detail with care. In our restaurant, you will be greeted with a casual atmosphere that reminds you of home.

Why choose Us?

What We Do.Make our Customers Happy.

Meats, soups, noodles, drinks - we do it all. Whatever your preferred palate, you'll be sure to find something you enjoy at K-Town BBQ.

Quality SojuFrom Infused to Hwayo

Exclusive AYCE OptionsAll You Can Eat

Lunch Offers AvailableMultiple Specials to Choose

Quick ServiceKitchen to Table in No Time


Astounding Flavors

Whether you wish to share different soups and entrees family style, or want to experience K-BBQ of grilling meat at your table, our menu provides you with options to customize a meal to your liking.

Our wide range of selections allows you to customize a flavor profile that suits your BBQ experience. AYCE options provide you the choice of unlimited soups and unlimited rice, coupled with one soup per table. Choose from the "Starter" set or the "Hangry" set depending on your preferences, and get ready to experience an exquisite culinary feast.

Extraordinary in Every Aspect.

With our fantastic servers and kitchen staff, you’ll get quality food and service. We pride ourselves in creating all our side dishes in-house. Your AYCE meat is prepared to order.

With our fantastic waitstaff and exemplary chefs, you'll get great food and superb service. At K-Town, we pride ourselves in our connection to our customers. Be sure to find out about our specials from our staff or check them out online on Yelp!

Our Restaurant

Opening Hours

Feel free to pop in for a visit and taste our various dishes!

  • Mondays-Thursdays: 11AM to 3PM & 5PM to 10PM
  • Fridays: 11AM to 3PM & 5PM to 2 AM
  • Saturdays: 11AM to 2AM
  • Sundays: 12PM to 10PM

Our Different Offers

AYCE, or All You Can Eat, offers a set of plates with unlimited side dishes and unlimited rice. Our a La Carte options provide a wide range of unique Korean flavors and spices.

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